Real Estate

Mitigate property risks without
stifling growth opportunities
Whatever the size and complexity of your portfolio, taking a proactive approach to risk management can help reduce your exposures and protect your assets.
Build in claims defensibility, and improve business performance through lower operating costs or practical changes to processes and behaviours. Working in partnership with your insurance broker, tenants and managing agents, we can help you to protect your property assets, investments and rental income.
What we do
We have been insuring Real Estate customers for over 300 years, with that comes a wealth of experience and understanding of the needs of real estate customers.
Our team of risk consultants offer a full range of specialist risk management consultancy services. Using our hands-on approach we support and implement practical solutions, to improve your risk profile, prevent incidents, improve claims defensibility and ensure legal compliance.
We understand that by helping you to engage with your tenants and managing agents and embed risk management with them, it will ensure their businesses are protected and resilient, which will in turn ensure that your property portfolio is protected and resilient too.
Build a resilient business

We’ll work with you and your managing agent to understand your risks and tenants occupancy profile, and provide relevant advice and insights into your business through our extensive work across the Real Estate sector. This could take the form of targeted site visits, procedural and protocol reviews, risk mapping or desktop reviews, and supporting you with creation of risk strategies or improvement planning.

We provide user-friendly guidance to help your tenants clearly understand the risks associated with their own business activities, to help them adopt a positive approach to risk management that will benefit their own business too.


Risk visibility and control

Our award-winning risk engineering database, RSAred, gives you round-the-clock, real-time visibility into risks to your portfolio, including risk improvement tracking, risk modelling, site reports, portfolio analysis, reporting and document storage and retrieval. You can also benchmark your performance against your peers’ risk profiles. There’s no software to install – all you need is an internet connection and browser.

Risk insights and guidance
  • Geographical risk profiling – our risk profiling and analysis tool can provide insights into flooding and subsidence, arson and crime, and terrorism to help inform your property acquisition decisions.
  • Project reviews – from initial plans through to construction upgrades, alterations and extensions, we can help you implement a highly effective risk management strategy to design out potential problems and ensure a properly protected business.
  • Topical risk bulletins – we’ll share our knowledge of the Real Estate sector through regular updates spanning hot topics, bulletins, emerging risks and trends, and evolving best practices.
  • Online risk management support – gain access to a wide range of trade- and sector-specific risk management guidance, covering all types of property, liability, security and business interruption related risks.


How we do it

Knowledge that takes your business further

Our expert consultants will provide risk evaluation and sophisticated in-depth analysis of the risks your sector faces, how these may apply to your business, and how these could evolve over time. They’ll work closely with you to understand the specifics of your company; it’s needs and future plans and tailor their approach accordingly.


Partnerships that makes the difference

We look to establish a long-term, beneficial relationship with your business and work with you to manage risk in a cost-effective and flexible manner. We’ll tell you what is working well already and help identify any risks you may not be aware of.


Solutions that are grounded in reality

Our agile approach allows us to work to your own and relevant industry standards making easily digestible, practical recommendations that take into account your current situation, future plans, risk management culture and budget. We’ll then work with you to support their implementation.


Is this service right for you?

Is RSA's Real Estate practice
right for you?

Our Real Estate practice is ideally suited to business owners that want to:

  • Build a resilient and protected property portfolio
  • Protect their investments from unforeseen events
  • Ensure their premises provide a safe environment in which employees or tenants can operate
  • Become well-informed and well-prepared for adverse events to protect property assets, investments and rental income
  • Adapt quickly to change and make informed choices about where to direct their focus.
  • Minimise your risk exposure and potential for business interruption
  • Protect your reputation and brand
  • Reduce uninsured losses and associated costs
  • Understand the risks that tenants’ activities may pose to your business
  • Proactively comply with statutory requirements, legal obligations and compulsory checks and tests
  • Gain expert insights into best practices and visibility of emerging risks to make more informed decisions.


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