Health and Safety

Lead your business safely, and protect
your workforce and your bottom line.
Businesses have a legal, financial and moral imperative to minimise the potential for accidents, ill health and other adverse events, with increasingly stiff penalties for breaching legislation.
But good Health and Safety risk management can actively support your business, rather than stifling it. So in addition to providing effective insurance risk transfer cover, we offer an integrated Health and Safety risk management and support service with hands-on assistance to implement solutions to help you protect your employees, customers and reputation, while fulfilling your legal obligations.
What we do
WWe offer a full range of specialist Health and Safety consultancy services and hands-on support to implement practical solutions, to help you prevent health and safety incidents from occurring, defend claims and ensure legal compliance.
Third party specialist solutions

RSA has access to a wide range of specialist partners who work closely with us to provide targeted support for our customers. We can introduce you to solutions from specialist partners which can deliver tangible benefits to your business such as a task-focused manual handling training system, surface treatments to improve slip resistance and reduce risk of injury, and an exclusive online safety training and document management tool enabling accurate records to be kept where a high volume of training is required, improving your claims defensibility.


Additional liability services

We help our customers ensure the reliability of their operations through providing bespoke risk management strategies and solutions based on our experience within many industrial sectors across such areas as:


  • Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults (PCVA)
  • Product liability and recall across a broad range of industries from food and drink to chemical and automotive.
  • Environmental impairment.
Building business resilience

We’ll pinpoint any specific risks to your business, validate what is working well and highlight areas for improvement.


  • Review near miss and loss lessons learned and explore how we can apply this information to help you prevent future losses and business impact
  • Help to implement an effective Health and Safety management system within your organisation
  • Specialist risk assessments including machinery safety, manual handling and ergonomics assessments, and focused workplace stress risk management reviews
  • Training programmes including Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) approved programmes for managers and supervisors, and bespoke training solutions for employees
  • Claims defensibility reviews and full support in the event of a claim arising


How we do it

Knowledge that takes your business further

Our consultants will provide expert risk evaluation and sophisticated analysis of the risks your sector faces, how these apply to your business, and how these evolve over time. They’ll work closely with you to understand the specifics of your company and tailor their approach accordingly.


Partnerships that makes the difference

We look to establish a long-term, beneficial relationship with your business and work with you to manage risk in a cost-effective manner. We’ll tell you what is working well already and help identify any risks you may not be aware of.


Solutions that are grounded in reality

We work flexibly to customers own or industry standards making easily digestible, practical recommendations that take into account your current situation, future plans, risk management culture and budget. We’ll then work with you to support their implementation.


Is this service right for me?

Is RSA's Health and Safety practice right for me?

Our Health and Safety practice is ideally suited to companies that want to:

  • Take a more systematic approach to Health and Safety management
  • Foster a positive culture of workplace Health and Safety
  • Equip directors and managers, not just front-line staff, to lead the business safely.

  • Reduce accident downtime and associated temporary labour costs
  • Strengthen your Health and Safety credentials and ensure legal compliance
  • Improve workplace morale and welfare
  • Stay on top of evolving Health and Safety trends and legislative changes
  • Effectively defend claims and minimise uninsured losses.


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